I’m trying to make this blog more focused on my main points of interest recently. I started it in response to a unit on my MA course at the Institute of Education and have taken it up again in the last days of my PhD. Partly it’s a conduit to process experiences of teaching in FE, so there are posts about that; partly it’s a way of processing learning theory, so there are posts surrounding those. Overall, my interests are in teaching and learning, FE as a threshold for adulthood and lifelong learning, literacy and engagement, and – in line with my research – mobile learning, digital technologies, ownership and engagement and informal learning contexts.

Further, I only started teaching in 2006, so I certainly don’t profess to be an expert on anything regarding teaching and learning. I appreciate constructive debate that helps inform me, over the smug ‘knowing’ of social media, generally. I have varied interests and blog about them; T+L fall into that. There are many brilliant educational blogs and I don’t claim this to be a variant purely focused on education. I’m open to opinions and comments and welcome being told what’s what.

I don’t know that I can change the unfortunate blog title, but friends would say it’s a fitting description of the author, though I try not to be. How I try.

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