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Awake at last

OK, back on the blog. I’m finally getting into my new routine and feel that this blog might indeed help me formulate my studies, now that I’m doing a PhD…yipes.

And it is difficult. I’m back in England now, after 9 months in Austria. Settled. New flat. New teaching job. New weekly schedule. Same old, same old…

Wow, it is strange to motivate oneself to study independently and know you’re on the right course – that is, especially when your supposed supervisors become incommunicado.

But I will continue herein, describing the everyday (once a month) and sharing what I learn or consider about the world of social media and learning – since this is the subject of the PhD.

As well as trying my best to be cantankerous along the way…but, golly, it’s difficult to be moody when you have a wormery to keep you busy, new albums to excite you (Baxter Dury my latest discovery) and so much too read (including a new bio of Henry Miller by Brassai, Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich, and We Think by Charles Leadbeater – but the best book I read recently is James Yorkston’s tales of life on the road as a touring musician – a classic, chortle aloud tome)..

So, more of the same from old me…will try and make it entertaining…though I am currently going crazy trying to understand what exactly my PhD is about – this is two months after starting the course…







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