Survey for students on new media

I will be in a school in Cambridgeshire next week to conduct the research centred around my thesis on digital media use in schools (particularly the application of blogs as an asset for reinforcing curriculum awareness, and acting as a learning check). My research also aims to explore the teachers role in mediating learning through the use of these tools, yet done so invisibly in order to enhance student-centred independent work, and creation of and responsibility for their own educational resources (i.e. the class blog they have created).

My research will be done by interview and analysis with teacher and students. As such, I’d be interested (if anyone’s following me) in recommended lines of questioning (in view of this here blog, both sarcastic and serious suggestions will be considered).

Greetings and appreciations


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One response to “Survey for students on new media

  1. I’d love to see some examples of class blogs you come across (if any of them are made available to the public). I was just creating a lesson plan where students could use the blog format to create a non-fiction e-book and would love to see ways that other teachers have integrated this tech into their classrooms…

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