Don’t know where to begin with this…

I am completely bemused. I wish I was able to show this to some Media students to get their reactions…I’m speechless…



March 6, 2012 · 8:14 pm

4 responses to “Don’t know where to begin with this…

  1. Clearly I’m not talking about the advert at the start of the ‘main feature’….watch it all the way through and try to find the words to respond…the BBC has reported that the EU has withdrawn it because it’s said to be racist (
    Apparently, it was designed to attract ‘young people’ though it doesn’t explain exactly which young people they mean by that…

  2. The funny thing is, it’s just occurred to me that I met a student of mine today who was trying to explain the book Leviathan to me (by Thomas Hobbes). It seems to somehow be linked to this very advert – a notion that war and chaos can only be averted by a strong sovereign government (I paraphrase this from Wikipedia, which is obviously the last word on this 600 year old philosophical text..)

    Is it pure coincidence that I should have that conversation on the day I watch this video?


  3. Where’s the vodka-drinking Russian? This represents 3/4 BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. So, no Russian. RACISTS.

    Is that because Pukin’ robbed the election? Or did they think better of introducing other stupid stereotypes for a wider advert? A Jew who’s good with money, an annoying Aussie living in London complaining about how great life is in Oz but how awful it is in London. BUT NEVER LEAVING.

    An American, you know, being an American.

    An African, probably doing something like war/famine.

    A south African, let’s not go there.

    A Canadian, riding a Moose to town.

    A woman from Alaska, saying something weird about foreigners.

    An Argentinian, opening a museum about the Malvinas.

    A Falklander, doing a poo in the museum in Argentina about the Malvinas but not flushing it away.

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