New posts – quotes of the day

Just because I love quotes I will try and encapsulate my day with one (inspired by the highestlimb)…and this might motivate me to log on at least once a day – let’s see how far I get..

Today, well, I just returned from England with a raw cold raging and the snows have thawed all around Salzburg, except on the Alps. The pale sun braves through the haze outside, the landlady is getting the houseplants ready and my girlfriend has planted a strawberry plant in the kitchen, and on my teabag string-tab I read: “The flowers of spring are the dream of winter” (Khalil Gibran)






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  1. Flattered that I inspired you… what tea do you drink?! My tea bags never offer me anything insightful!

    Anyway, here’s a great spring-y poem for you:

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