Each breath is bliss for the one who is in love

Had my parents visiting this week, so am a bit behind. I felt like a tour operator, marriage guidance counsellor, chauffeur, and cook all week long. I suppose it makes a change to go and pick my Dad up at night from town. He certainly enjoyed the Bavarian dark white beer here.

Anyway, weeks cultural highlights: we watched The Descendants at the English cinema, which was great.  It took me back to my visit to Hawaii, and the story is really moving, but allows for the audience to take a deep breath once in a while by switching sporadically into farcical humour. Quite a brave film, for Hollywood studios to make. My Mum and girlfriend wept throughout, while I got stuck into the Haribo. My Dad kept shussing me across the seats.

And we went to a Mozart “gig”. My first experience of classical music live. And it was up in the castle so a splendid setting. It was really quite absorbing, though completely alien and unfamiliar to me. Mozart didn’t show up, but the band did some good renditions.  I hoped for a medley of  hits, things used in paint adverts and film scores, but I’m told that’s rather simple minded of me.  They did play the one used on call centres somewhere, and by RyanAir, whenever you land in Salzburg.

Anyway, it was as mesmerising as always to be in a space capitivated by musicians.  This morning I’m listening to BBC Radio6 online, lovely Sunday with fresh wet Alpine air outside…the title of this entry comes from an amazing piece of music Cerys just played, which I think might come from this musician: http://www.kiranmusic.com/?page_id=84

Roll over Wolfgang Amadeus..




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2 responses to “Each breath is bliss for the one who is in love

  1. It takes a visit from someone to make you re-evaluate quite a bit of your cultural landscape; I get this every time we host visits to London…

  2. Its great to hear classical music live – I recently saw a choral concert performed in a church and it was amazing!

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