Cultural imperalism?

Just about to start my English language lesson for the day and have to post this video which I’ll show the students. Will post reactions later.



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4 responses to “Cultural imperalism?

  1. Loads of questions:

    Did you also show the comments or just the video to you class? And how did your students react?

    Who put that video on and where did they get it from? More specifically, why did they insert these little speech bubbles in the beginning saying ‘the woman is stupid’ and ‘don’t hate on me’?

    Oh and I like especially how they put quotation marks around the ‘British’ in ”British’ accent’ in the title.

    Also, can someone elaborate on the picture in the background? Is this a subtle hint indicating that the lady is not to be taken seriously?

    • Actually, I never got round to showing it – but will on Friday – and I will show some comments, because the students (adults) are open-minded and have a good sense of humour. They’ll understand that it’s fair game to ridicule these attempts at whatever this person believes are British accents – although the speech bubbles are a bit annoying, yes.

      The video was a link on facebook that I followed.

      Sadly, I truly believe this woman takes herself seriously, though she is wide of the mark with the accent. Sometimes social media can be so globally cruel..

  2. Although this video made me laugh out loud, I can’t help but feel slightly embarrassed on her behalf. I promise not all Americans take themselves this seriously.

  3. another video on cultural imperialism to show your students:

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