The sound of music

This is the view the other way – with Salzburg in the distance. Salzburg’s contribution to culture is, of course, Mozart – who I know nothing about, and the Sound of Music, which I wish I knew less about.

I miss the sound of music. Unless you like classical, it’s hard to come by something new here (live, at least). So, please send me recommendations. If anyone’s reading.

I’m looking forward to Spiritualized returning in 2012. I’m listening to The National this morning, and recently heard the Felice Brothers catalogue. Great, grumpy Dylan sounding music. Good for moping and staring out at the snow to, wondering what to do for the day, which supermarket to go to (12 within a 10 minute radius of here), whether to try studying more German, resisting the world of Marquez and the sanctuary of literature.

Actually, I’ve got loads to do as I’m trying to formulate my dissertation now, which will explore notions of online learning and affinity space – to match my seclusion. I hope to do a PhD later, so this is good preparation.

As for media, I always try to listen for news that interests me. There’s a cool  bi-linugal radio station,, which not only serves wicked alternative music, but has a radical left-field politics and investigative approach to global affairs, including a news hour called ‘reality check’.  So I’m currently trying to follow the story about the Spanish judge on trial for examining cases of abuse during Franco’s reign. This, the same judge who helped bring Pinochet to trial. A hero of the human rights movement.

 Stories like this are rare, from an increasingly forgotten 20th century world. How must he feel, being prosecuted at the behest of a right-wing political group (from what I gather) for investigating human rights abuses? Perhaps he feels vindicated – after all, I think he was trying to crush a national taboo and exert some overdue justice. Be interesting to follow what happens. Sounds like a Marquez novel. Hmmm, coffee and Love in the Time of Cholera..? Nope. Study and shop.




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6 responses to “The sound of music

  1. Salzburg is the oldest city in Austria, right?
    The view is atttracting with snow.
    Vielen Dank für die gemeinsame Nutzung! 🙂

  2. Hey, you’ve got me a bit confused. When did you write the last two posts? It sounds like they are from last year.

    Sadly, I don’t know too much about music or bands, but probably listen to the kind of music you like. I can’t listen to the same music for too long, and I enjoy silence; also knowing too much about musicians disturbs me and spoils their music for me.
    It’s not exactly alternative music, but from time to time I enjoy listening to Funny van Dannen, do you know him? Thought I could mention him, since you seem to know German and he’s also quite critical of society.

    Off topic, but perhaps of interests: Did you know that I can see your pictures in full size? Not directly on your blog, but in my rss-reading program.

    • Nah, that was this morning. I live here and come back to London when I can attend the residential lectures for the MA course.

      I will look into Funny van Dannen…how did you set up an RSS reading program? I also want one!

      • I’m ashamed to admit that I’m using a windows program…I use Windows Live Mail for my mails and this also has a function for subscribing to rss feeds. There are a lot of different rss readers available online for free, a short web search lead me to this: . I’m not familiar with this program, but you could try this one and report back?
        Hope this is not to bold to ask: Why did you choose to live in what seems to be a little village/town?

      • Living with my girlfriend here until June when she finishes her studies – then back to the UK. I like it, nice and peaceful, but do miss somethings about England (and sometimes it is a bit too quiet).

  3. Nice post and a very well designed, attractive blog- The view in that picture alone would be prevent me from getting anything done. So it’s to your credit that you keep up with everything. Yes, I know all those bands and if you enjoy them you might also like AA Bondy’s album from the end of last year “Believers” – he’s also married to a Felice Sister. Atmospheric songwriting. For quieter music for working see a review of Winged Victory for the Sullen at

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