Stille Nacht

This is the view from my balcony in Hallein (Salzburg) this morning, where I live. Hallein’s big contribution to culture is the lilting, lovely carol Silent Night.

It is silent at night here, too. Sometimes I feel a little deprived of culture. Deprived, or insulated from the mass media society of today’s England. This gives me good opportunity to study on the MA, eyeing culture and media from a safe distance. I’m determined that in 2012 I will read more novels. It’s an opportunity in this silence to meditate on other worlds. I’m finally reading love in the Time of Cholera, and between teaching English and studying, and cooking for my girl, cleaning, pottering about distractedly, and feeding rabbits, I yearn to return to this Caribbean world. It’s so remote, and so real. I love Marquez. I like soaking in culture of my choosing – rather than become saturated by it, as it sometimes feels in London. Yet sometimes it does feel like a cultural void here. Though I did get to see Melancholia in English at the Kino in December. Sublime sadness, to match the silence of the mountains. Recommended. Image


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