The Daily Me…

…is a term coined by someone I’ve been reading this week – Cass Sunstein – and relates to the way in which our daily consumption of media is customised to suit ourselves.

Given the wealth of material at hand within the information era, the ‘daily me’ is a little predictable and our comfortable preferences – I think – should be challenged, so that we select our media from areas that don’t necessarily agree with our personal politics.

Nevertheless, as I want to use this blog to highlight interesting stories, I’m posting a link here to a BBC article:

It discusses the broadcaster challenging the Justice Secretary’s attempted control of  an interview with a terror suspect held without conviction since 2004. In our age of online media institutions, this case is a great example of how a public service broadcaster operates with complete integrity to challange our status quo and exercise freedom of information and the press. Topical in light of the tabloids justification of their practises to the Leveson Inquiry, where they have used celebrity stalking and phone hacking to exercise freedom of the press. But this is also interesting to me because of the rise in popularity of new media institutions, as I just can’t imagine someone like Yahoo or MSN taking members of the Government to court to protect their right to create a story.

That’s all. Sorry, someone on my left is talking to me about Birmingham’s famous citizens….


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  1. Birmingham has given the world civilisation, heavy metal, Duran Duran, sort of funny men, Doctors, Pebble Mill, canals…

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